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The Colavita Tradition

Learn more about the history of the Colavita family, the name who has brought olive oil and other products to family tables for over three generations.

A Trusted Family Brand

A long time ago in the quaint hilltop village of Sant’Elia a Pianisi, located in the Molise region of Italy, two small family businesses were born. One family operated a stone mill for crushing homegrown olives used to produce fine extra virgin olive oil. The other family gathered the durum wheat harvest and milled the wheat into semolina grain to produce fresh pasta for the local market. Over time, both families became experts at their trade, passing their knowledge to the next generation, who in turn did the same. They were both Colavita families.

Colavita Olive Oil and Colavita Pasta companies are now part of the same group and managed by the Colavita family. Colavita has been distributing its products around the world since 1979 and its reputation has become a benchmark for Italian quality products worldwide.

Today, Colavita operates in different facilities in Italy, in Molise and in Pomezia (Rome), which is also the International headquarters of the group. In the U.S., we operate in Edison, NJ and Dixon, CA.

Quality and Tradition

“Quality and tradition is very important to us, and will always continue to be,” Giovanni Colavita, current CEO of Colavita® USA says. “My family and I still continue this tradition of producing extra virgin olive oil and other specialty food products using the same knowledge and expertise handed down from our ancestors.”

Colavita’s passion for quality is evident in the taste. Colavita olives are harvested at the point of maturity and pressed immediately afterward. Colavita pasta is made from 100% durum wheat and uses certified mountain spring water “Acqua del Molise”. All Colavita products are constantly tested, guaranteeing that only the best ends up on your table.

Italian Lifestyle

Italians realize that food feeds our souls as well as our bodies. Homecooked meals are a way to connect with family and friends and their lives are enriched by these beautiful family meals. Colavita aims to bring this family tradition to your kitchen with their products and Mediterranean Diet-inspired recipes. Good food equals good health.

Commitment to Our Community

Being aware of the status of the environment, Colavita has taken multiple initiatives to ensure the production of our products is sustainable. We participate in both a recycling and waste program and are committed to ensuring our facilities produce zero waste. We also produce energy through over 3,000 solar panels located on our production facilities.

Colavita is also committed to the success of multiple charitable foundations through the Colavita Cares initiative. We assist organizations that benefit children, individuals and families affected by economic hardship, physical disability, emotional suffering, and many other hardships.

Our CEO: Giovanni Colavita

Colavita is family owned and operated. Giovanni Colavita, current CEO of Colavita USA, continues the traditions of the family brand. Read about the Colavita family's promise to ensure all Colavita products are authentic and high-quality.

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