Wrenegade Sports’ Farm to Fork Fondo

Joy of Kosher by Jamie Geller
Colavita partners with Joy of Kosher (Jamie Geller)
August 17, 2017
Colavita by Chef Mike Colameco
August 23, 2017
farm to fork fondo

farm to fork fondo

Colavita is one of the main sponsors of Farm to Fork Fondo, a series of organized bike rides, where riders stop for chef-prepared bites along the way. The Fondo is meant to highlight and support the symbiotic relationship between cyclists, farmers, and beautiful landscapes. Chefs prepare culinary delights that are sourced from farms along the route. The ride distance ranges anywhere from 10 to 100 miles, and is accessible to anyone of any age who knows how to ride a bike! Alongside a bike ride with beautiful scenery and landscapes, there is delicious food, fun entertainment, and giveaways at the site. Throughout the summer, there are bicycle events all throughout the northeast region from Pennsylvania to Maine. This non-profit series, created by Wrenegade Sports is meant to meet their mission of supporting farmland preservation while also promoting physical activity in a fun and supportive way.

Farm to Fork Fondo Press Photo

Colavita partnered with another main sponsor of the event, Maple Hill Creamery to hold contests on social media to raise awareness for the events and the cause. Colavita also sponsors dinners held during the weekend of these events, and supply riders with their own samples of Colavita products.

About Wrenegade Sports:

Wrenegade Sports is a company formed in 2013, based out of Burlington, VT, that makes it their mission to combine heath, social good, community and fun into innovative and unique sporting events. As the creators of the Farm to Fork Fondo series, they are using these events to raise money for a worthy cause, as well as bring together a community of cycling enthusiasts and foodies of any age.
It’s not too late to sign up for a bike ride! Visit Farm to Fork Fondo to learn more.

Look out for Team Colavita riding in a Farm to Fork Fondo later this summer!

By Colavita (August 18th, 2017)