The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Dinner & Dessert for Two

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February 4, 2015
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The Ultimate Valentine's Day Dinner & Dessert for Two
The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Dinner & Dessert for Two

This ultimate Valentine’s Day Dinner & Dessert for two is brought to you by one of Colavita’s brand new contributors, Brett from Green Thumb White Apron. Brett will be giving us tips, recipes, and posts all year-round inspired by his love for the garden, baking, cooking, and food!

Here Brett details two amazing recipes, Involtini di Manzo for the main course, and Red Velvet-Almond Cake Ball Truffles to end the meal on a sweet note, which will certainly have your loved one swooning!
Read on!

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, nothing says “I Love You” more than a delicious home cooked meal and a tasty sweet treat to finish the night off right.
First up is Involtini di Manzo. Involtini means “little bundles” and these little bundles are simply amazing!

The dish is basically a thin piece of meat rolled up around a cheese and herb filling and then cooked in a tomato sauce. But not just any tomato sauce.  A combination of Colavita Roasted Garlic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Colavita Crushed Tomatoes, and Colavita Valpolicella Ripasso transports you back to Nonna’s kitchen in Italy!

Along with a little sea salt and freshly ground black peppercorns, here is what you will need for the filling:


Pulse the ingredients in a food processor until combined but still coarse.


Season the beef slices with salt and pepper and place 1 slice of prosciutto ham on top of each. Spread 1 generous tablespoon of the filling mixture on the lower half of the slice. Starting with the filled half, roll tightly into a cylinder and secure with a toothpick; repeat with remaining beef slices.


Click here for the recipe!


In my opinion, no meal is complete without a sweet treat and that’s especially true for Valentine’s Day! These Red Velvet-Almond Cake Ball Truffles are perfect in every way. Chocolatey. Moist. Beautiful.


And, best of all, they are super easy to make!


Simply roll cake mixture into 18 tablespoon-size balls and then drizzle with chocolate and sprinkle with nuts.

Encased in silky smooth Baci Chocolate and topped with toasted almonds, the inside is a chocolaty red velvet cake that’s super moist thanks to the addition of Colavita Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Bet you can’t eat just one!

Click here for the recipe.


These are most definitely Cupid approved!