The Story of Zucchini Pie, A Casa Colavita Recipe

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The Story Of Zucchini Pie, A Casa Colavita Recipe


Zucchini Pie is one of the recipes in our new recipe collection, Casa Colavita! The Casa Colavita collection consists of dishes from all around the globe, and each recipe comes straight from our family here at Colavita USA.

This month’s dish is  Zucchini Pie, made by Tony Stellabotte, who has worked here at Colavita for 25 years as our Food Service Manager. Here’s Tony’s Story:

Tony tells us that Zucchini Pie is the dish that “every Italian has a recipe for.” His recipe comes from a conglomeration of people– his Aunt Tessie, Aunt Rosie, and his wife. A light and fluffy pie bursting with flavor and cheesy goodness, with a touch of fresh parsley, this zucchini pie is perfect for breakfast, lunch, or dinner as a versatile and healthy* alternative to a traditional dough-heavy pie.

This Italian dish shows off Tony’s love for food and for olive oil. Getting to work for Colavita he says, “Was quite a treat. Growing up and living with my grandparents who came from Italy, olive oil was always a staple in our diet. I love getting to cook and experiment with all of our Colavita products, as well as the great companies we import here in the US.” And Tony’s love for food isn’t just apparent in his recipe; every day he comes into the office, he heads down for lunch ready to cook. It’s not unusual to come down to the lunch room to see Tony next to a big bowl of salad, a big bowl of pasta, and bread with olive oil. He’s one of our most passionate cooks!

Get Tony’s recipe here and share in the comments your favorite family dish!

*Always consult your physician and/or nutritionist for your specific health needs