The Story of Pappa al Pomodoro- Tomato Bread Soup

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Pappa al Pomodoro – Tomato Bread Soup
The Story of Pappa al Pomodoro- Tomato Bread Soup

Nicole Bianco

Break the cold winter spell with this traditional Italian soup recipe straight from Tuscany and a part of our Casa Colavita collection!

Nicole Bianco executive assistant to our CEO, shares with us her story on Pappa al Pomodoro– Tomato Bread Soup:

“I first tried this soup when studying abroad in Florence as a junior in college. Soups and hearty stews are traditional in Tuscany and often enjoyed in the cold winter months. I immediately fell in love with the bright simplicity of the ingredients and creaminess of this soup. That semester in Italy, I was lucky enough to try many fabulous Italian and Tuscan dishes prepared by local cooks who prepared lunch and dinner daily for my classmates and me. After that experience, I couldn’t get enough of Italy and Italian cuisine and cooking.  I came home and started experimenting with Italian recipes in my own kitchen. Soon after, I decided I would return to Italy after my college graduation and stay for a year to pursue a Master’s in Italian. During that year I continued to try countless traditional Italian dishes, and even had the chance to enjoy some home cooked meals prepared by new Italian friends. When my school offered students the opportunity to sign up for a cooking class taught by a local signora, I jumped at the chance. Some classmates and I went to her house for 3 or 4 hours on Thursday afternoons and each time we would prepare a different menu – an antipasto (appetizer), primo (first course, typically soup or pasta), secondo with contorno (second course, usually meat or fish with a side), and dolce (dessert). Then we would eat! I was thrilled one afternoon when Pappa al Pomodoro was on the menu. Finally, I learned how to make this soup that I’d first fell in love with 2 years earlier. I still make a big batch or two of Pappa al Pomodoro every winter to get me through the snowy months!”

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