A Mobile Care Clinic in NYC to Help Fight Breast Cancer

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Connecting Italian Studies to Italian Companies
April 14, 2017
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May 10, 2017
Colavita fights breast cancer

Cancer and its many forms afflict nearly 13 million people worldwide every year. In the United States, up to 340,000 people can be treated of their illness with sufficient medical support. Unfortunately, cancer treatment is expensive and prevents a significant number of people from getting the help they need. For these people, hope comes from the goodwill of generous individuals and nonprofits, such as The American-Italian Cancer Foundation. breastcancer2Founded in 1980 by Umberto Veronesi and Alessandro di Montezemolo, the Foundation operates with the mission to support cancer research, education, and control. iTaly.com writes, “The Foundation began sponsoring postdoctoral fellows from Italy with approximately 20-25 fellows coming to the U.S. each year to conduct cancer research. The fellows are scattered throughout the country, with some of them here in New York’s major cancer centers”

A significant project funded by Foundation is the Mobile Care Clinic, which is a medical truck that provides no-cost cancer screenings for the New York community. This past April, Colavita sponsored the truck for a day and provided financial support for all expenses including medical personnel, equipment, and travel. Ruth L. Vega, director of the AICF, wrote, “Colavita USA graciously said they were going to sponsor today.breastcancer3 And in addition to that, they gave out gifts to the women. They gave them some oil and vinegar and some pasta. They love it! It’s wonderful to have them as our partners.”

Colavita’s support enabled 37 women to receive clinical breast exams and no-cost mammograms. On the subject of food, genuine Italian products are a fundamental part of the Mediterranean diet, which is considered one of the healthiest eating regimens; this belief is shared by Ms. Vega, as well as leading cancer dieticians.

The truck travels to a new location every day from Wednesday to Sunday.

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by Colavita USA (May 3, 2017)