Giovanni Colavita Receives Legacy Award

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September 13, 2017
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Giovanni Colavita Receives Legacy Award

“Early in the 1900s, nestled in the quaint village of Sant’Elia Pianisi, in the province of Campobasso, Molise, Italy, a family business was born. What started out as a local olive oil and pasta business, soon grew and grew. In the mid-1970s, the founder’s sons – Enrico, Leonardo and Giovanni began mass producing their extra virgin olive oil. The name given to the company… Colavita. As Colavita began to expand, they knew that in order to grow into a national company, they needed to begin exporting their oil to the Italian American families in New York.Giovanni Colavita Receives Legacy Award

It was risky… in those days, olive oil was used in about 8% of homes in America. Now, however, it is in 50% of the households. Soon, the risk paid off. As New York consumers grew, along with the help of Enrico’s business partner, John Profaci, the company turned into a thriving business, expanding out of New York, all across the country and now, all across the world. Today, you can buy Colavita products in over 70 countries worldwide. With partnerships, expansions, product development, day-to-day projects, marketing and so much more, it is important that Colavita USA has a leader- someone who will ensure Colavita is running smoothly, growing and maintaining the same family values that it was founded on many years ago. The CEO, Giovanni Colavita does exactly that. Born in Italy into the Colavita family, Giovanni always knew the importance of the business and its success in the United States, as well as worldwide. For over nine years, he has been the CEO of Colavita USA, overseeing each and every project, partnership, development and achievement. With his guidance, the company has reached higher and climbed further than ever before.”

– The Italian Tribune, September 21, 2017

Colavita USA CEO Giovanni Colavita was given the Legacy Award at the Columbus Day Awards Gala hosted by the Italian Tribune Newspaper. The Gala was held on October 6, 2017 at the Birchwood Manor in Whippany, NJ and awarded leaders in the Italian American community.


By Colavita USA (October 12th, 2017)