All About Tomatoes - Colavita

All About Tomatoes

Colavita's line of Italian tomatoes brings versatility, intense vibrant color, and deep flavors to dishes of all cuisines. Our line of premium Italian tomatoes come in modern and sustainable packaging with no salt added.

Where Our Tomatoes Come From

Grown on the sun-drenched vines of Po Valley in northern Italy, all of our tomatoes come from quality farms that ensure the freshest Italian produce possible. Only the plumpest, ripest, juiciest tomatoes with just the right color intensity, texture and depth of flavour are selected.

Our Quality Standard

Our line of premium Italian tomatoes comes in a modern and sustainable Tetrapak Tetra Recart carton packaging and is GMO-free with no salt added. Our tomatoes are also Kosher OU certified in accordance with Jewish dietary law.

Diced or Crushed?

Looking to add some Colavita tomatoes to your dinner, but unsure of which to use? While each is used for a different purpose, they both are guaranteed to add flavor and vibrance to any dish you put together.

Diced Tomatoes

Our authentic Italian diced tomatoes offer a more chunky cut, maintaining more tomato meat. Diced tomatoes are perfect for chunky sauces and bakes, bringing the taste of Italy to any recipe.

Crushed Tomatoes

Our authentic Italian crushed tomatoes offer a smoother texture than diced tomatoes. Crushed tomatoes are perfect for smooth sauces and soups. They are also great for bruschetta or in vegetable dishes.