Colavita is proud to be partnered with the James Beard Foundation

Colavita by Chef Mike Colameco
August 23, 2017
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August 25, 2017


Colavita is proud to be partnered with the James Beard Foundation. They are an organization founded based on the principles and love of cooking held by James Beard, who is considered to be one of the founders of modern American cooking. Through television, many books, and his support of and friendships with American chefs during his lifetime, Beard expanded the country’s minds and palates. After his death in 1985, his friends and colleagues set about preserving his legacy in the form of the James Beard Foundation, a group dedicated to chef outreach, good food, and culinary education centered around the James Beard House, the chef’s former home.

About JBF

For over 200 nights per year, events are held at the James Beard House. Food is prepared by visiting chefs, from local restaurants to those around the country and the world. Each chef brings their own take on food, combining their education with local tradition and individual love of food to share with diners from all over. Available for all visiting chefs is a selection of Colavita products, ranging from Premium Selection Extra Virgin Olive Oil to Aged Balsamic Vinegar. These ingredients are incorporated into each dish the chefs create and serve at the House, and are then provided to the visiting chefs as gifts to take home.

In addition to providing supplies to the James Beard House and it’s chefs, Colavita is also a sponsor of some of the events the Foundation hosts outside of the House. There, products are used and are often given away in gift bags for attendants, as well as all of the chefs.

Since 2014 Colavita has been honored to be the official House Purveyor of Extra Virgin Olive Oil to the James Beard House and is proudly displayed at the House’s kitchen. In 2016, Colavita became the JBH’s official purveyor of Balsamic Vinegar, and added Wine Vinegars to that list in 2017. In addition to having a prominent place in the kitchen, Colavita products are also one of the featured items in many of the house’s gift bags for chefs and attendees of the many events the James Beard Foundation hosts every year.

By Colavita (August 23, 2017)