Colavita is Proud to Support San Francisco Giants

Ellen Watters
December 29, 2016
Giovanni and Marisa Colavita posing for a photo
Community of Unity’s Song Celebration Honors Colavita
March 15, 2017
SF Giants and Colavita

  Colavita San Francisco Giants Stadium

In 2016, Colavita sponsored an olive tree planted in the Garden at AT&T Park in San Francisco and held tasting events there throughout the season. These events will be repeated and continued throughout the 2017 season, with three already passed and two more to come August 31 and September 30. These events run from before the game until the 7th inning, and Colavita Balsamic Vinegar and Premium Selection Extra Virgin Olive Oil are available for sampling.


By Colavita (August 22th, 2017)