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August 18, 2017
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August 23, 2017


About Mike Colameco

For 15 full-length seasons, Michael Colameco has been teaching viewers of his PBS show Mike Colameco’s Real Food about some of the best restaurant kitchens both in the US and around the globe. Featuring chefs like Alice Walker, Dan Barber, Alan Ducasse, and April Bloomfield, Colameco brings the viewer right into the kitchen and showcases what it’s like to work there, and what it’s like to dedicate your entire life to a craft you love. Drawing on his years of experience in professional kitchens like Tavern on the Green and The Ritz Carlton New York, Colameco brings his love of food along for the ride and explains to the viewer exactly what they’re seeing and wishing they could eat along with him.

Mike Colameco and Colavita

Mike Colameco has been working with Colavita for many years as a Brand Ambassador for the brand, spreading his love for extra virgin olive oil as a condiment and cooking tool. Colavita is the main sponsor for Mike Colameco’s Real Food, and is showcased during regular breaks in the show. In addition, last year Colameco created a recipe collection for Colavita, which can be found here. The collection is a group of recipes with international flare, ranging from Peruvian Fluke Ceviche to Philippine Spicy Adobo Wings and of course some Italian Grilled Eggplant Parmesan. These recipes reflect both Colavita and Mike Colameco’s view that food should be healthy, quick and simple to make, and most of all taste great. All of the dishes reflect Colameco’s at-home cooking style, bringing a touch of new flavors to the table and using healthy Colavita Extra Virgin Olive Oil in a variety of ways, because food should taste good!

For each of these recipes, Colameco created an accompanying video. All of the videos were filmed right in his home kitchen, and feature tips on how to make the dishes just as he would. They are helpful tools for those with questions, or anyone who likes to watch food being prepared- we know that includes most of Colavita!

By Colavita (August 23, 2017)