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Colavita Cares

Colavita is supporting our community.

About Colavita Cares

For Colavita, solidarity and supporting our community are fundamental values. For years, we have engaged in helping the community, alongside our partner associations and foundations.

Why Colavita Cares

We founded the Colavita Cares Program, which contributes to charitable organizations that are dedicated to helping children, individuals and families who are suffering from economic and emotional hardships. The program also promotes good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. With a focus on a cycling for over 15 years, we work with professionals and enthusiasts alike to encourage people to lead a healthy and active lifestyle.

Charities and Organizations:

  • Sponsor Annual Fund for La Scuola d'Italia G. Marconi (NYC)
  • Colavita Culinary Challenge & Scholarship at Food and Finance high school
  • Morton Williams Golf Tournament
  • Italian Chamber of Commerce Member
  • Donations for to the Festa & Motori D'Italia 2021 (The Italian Cultural Foundation at Casa Belvedere)
  • Support The Columbus Foundation
  • NIAF foundation
  • The NYC Pride Ride
  • Never Lose Hope Gala (Emergency Children's Help Organization)
  • Donate bicycles for kids for the Bobby Labonte Foundation
  • Tarant Food Bank
  • Halton TX Community Center
  • Mt. Sinai ER Nurses Appreciation