Colavita and Italian Brands Support Cycling in the US

Giovanni and Marisa Colavita posing for a photo
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March 15, 2017
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Colavita/Bianchi on a training ride

Colavita/Bianchi on a training ride

While it remains a classic Italian pastime, the sport of cycling has rapidly grown to a professional level in the United States. Competitive cycling requires peak physical fitness and a healthy diet, so it is fitting that Colavita maintains its role as a title sponsor of its Women’s pro team. In fact, Over 15 years, Colavita’s support for the sport has attracted more than 600 members across 15 regional club teams from 20 states.

Colavita partnered with two other Italian companies for the 2017 season: Bianchi and Vittoria Industries, Ltd. Bianchi is the oldest bicycle manufacturer in the world and provides the team with industry-leading technology and equipment. Vittoria is a leading tire manufacturer and likewise supports the team with top of the line products.

On the program and its members, Race Director Mary Zider says, “Getting the opportunity to direct this program is something I don’t take lightly…It’s an honor to lead such an incredible group of riders and human beings. As a rider, it’s an honor to wear the Colavita jersey. This program has had Olympians, World Champions, and a National Champion within the 15 years of sponsoring cycling. That speaks volumes about Colavita and what this program stands for. It’s a legendary program that will forever be known in the sport and it’s a jersey we all wear with pride and continue to hold the rope for.” She continues, saying, “my goal has always been to give Colavita a program that will last and continue year after year. One that will be nationally recognized, and hopefully, forever impact riders’ careers and personal lives.” Together, the group will compete on the USA Pro Road Tour, UCI road races, as well as a selection of international races.”

In addition to improvements made internally at Team Colavita, the squad announced a partnership with Killington Mountain School to form a women’s cycling development program. The Vermont-based school is famed for producing elite junior athletes while providing an excellent college education throughout the process. The partnership between Colavita and Killington will certainly provide an avenue for future stars to bring their talents to the professional level.

For more information, visit TeamColavita.com or follow the team on Facebook.com/TeamColavita, Twitter @TeamColavita, and Instagram @teamcolavita.

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by Colavita USA (March 30th, 2017)