Baking with EVOO – Tips Tricks, & More

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Baking with EVOO – Tips, Tricks, & More


Baking with Extra Virgin Olive Oil may not be a well-known method for baking, but it sure is the healthier* approach! Here at Colavita, we want to give some tips, tricks, and information to help you in all of your baking endeavors. The benefits of using EVOO will definitely have you make the switch!

  • When baking and using EVOO instead of butter, use ¾ of the amount of butter you would normally use. This means that for every cup of butter, you want to use ¾ cup of oil. Use this “Better Than Butter” butter to oil conversion chart for more details.
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil gives baked goods such as cakes a light texture and a subtle flavor. So, using a delicate EVOO with buttery notes will enhance your cooking since it will bring out the other flavors, while still retaining the butter flavor. Try either our Colavita Pure Olive Oil or our Argentinian EVOO
  • Did you know that using olive oil in baking also has many benefits? It cuts back on cholesterol and saturated fat content that normally exists in desserts. This means by using olive oil, you can have another piece of cake!
  • Also, olive oil will make your treats retain more moisture and help maintain the freshness longer. Cookies for days!
  • Mixing flavored oils with orange and lemon hints, could also work well with baking. Try our Colavita Limonolio Extra Virgin Olive Oil!

Still skeptical about baking with EVOO? Try out some of our recipes and see for yourself! There’s something for everyone!

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Do you have any tips about baking with EVOO? Let us know in the comments what you think!
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*Always consult your physician and/or nutritionist for your specific health needs