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April 13, 2020

Top 10 Questions About IBS & FODMAPs Answered (Pt. 1)

April is Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) Awareness Month, so we sat down with Registered Dietitian Beth Candela to answer your top 10 questions about the disorder, FODMAPS and more. We’re proud to be able to say that we offer healthy and low-FODMAP compliant cooking oils to individuals suffering from IBS. Find Beth’s IBS-friendly recipes (pictured throughout this post) here made with Colavita Monash FODMAP Certified Roasted Garlic Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
April 6, 2020

How To: Healthy Cauliflower Pizza Bites

This recipe for Cauliflower Pizza Bites uses cauliflower as the crust, giving you perfect little snack-sized bites of pizza, that just happen to be gluten free and good for you. It’s a great way to add some more veggies to your family’s diet, and you’ll love them too!
March 18, 2020

A Sit Down With Jessie Sheehan: Olive Oil Baking Aficionado

Colavita: Let’s start with something general. How did you get into baking?
February 12, 2020

Valentine’s Day 2020: Colavita Style

Impress your valentine with this four-course seafood dinner complete with wine pairings from Panebianco Wines.
February 4, 2020

How to Roast a Whole Fish in Salt

Whole roasted fish shouldn’t just be reserved for 5-star restaurants. It’s a simple and fresh dish that can be made any day of the week.
January 28, 2020

Colavita Challenge at Food and Finance High School: Final Round

Last November, 10 teams of two competed against each other with hopes of advancing to the third and final round of the Colavita Challenge at the Food and Finance High School in Manhattan. At stake was the grand prize of an all-expenses paid trip this summer to Italy where they will get the chance to learn traditional Italian cooking methods and explore a handful of cities throughout the country. Additionally, each winner will be given a $2,500 scholarship to aid in their upcoming college expenses.
January 7, 2020

Global Vegetarian: West African Peanut Stew

Explore new regions in the kitchen with this West African vegetarian delight made with collard greens, sweet potatoes and peanut butter. Peanut stew, also known as maafe, is native to the Mandinka and Bambara ethnic groups of Mali in western Africa. There are many variations and room for customizations, so if you must have a source of protein other than peanut butter, lamb, beef or chicken make good additions. But our New Year’s resolution at Colavita was to figure out interesting ways to incorporate vegetables into our recipe collection to inspire you to do the same in your kitchen. What it lacks in meat, it makes up for in flavor. Thick from the peanut butter and served over rice, you definitely won’t leave the table hungry.
December 10, 2019

Employee Family Favorites: The Holiday Edition

What does the holiday season mean for you? It’s highly subjective, but for many it offers the opportunity to commune with family, friends or even coworkers in some way. The most common way? Over food, of course.
December 3, 2019

Colavita Challenge at Food and Finance High School: Round Two

Remember home economics class? Perhaps if you enjoy cooking, you have fond memories of making basic dishes such as biscuits, baked chicken and pasta for one school period, in perhaps your sophomore or junior year of high school. While for many schools across the U.S., home economics class is more of a thing of the past, Food and Finance High School in Manhattan takes it a step further by offering a rigorous professional culinary program to its curriculum. Students learn kitchen basics such as knife skills, safety and sanitation, and eventually progress to preparing and developing more complex recipes throughout their entire high school education. It is the only culinary high school in New York City and is tuition-free.