The Story of Shiitake Pappardelle: Cooking, Casa Colavita Style

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October 30, 2014
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Pear and Chestnut Ravioli with Fried Sage
November 3, 2014
Shiitake Pappardelle with Pancetta and Peas
The Story of Shiitake Pappardelle: Cooking, Casa Colavita Style

Anna Maria

Cooking and eating are part of the fabric here at Colavita USA. The passion for food at Colavita isn’t just our commitment to creating top-notch food products for our customers, but it’s also alive in our daily life here at the office. It’s every day fare to walk into the company kitchen and see a few people cooking together, while a lucky bunch are out eating the riches. Whether it’s a hearty pasta dish or a light salad, food is in abundance.

That’s why we decided to launch the Casa Colavita recipe collection: a collection of recipes all lovingly created by the staff and Colavita family.

When we photographed the delicious recipes made by us. we also decided to interview the employees who made them and learn why they love cooking,Italy, and Colavita.

This is Anna Maria’s story. Anna Maria is our Human Resources Office Administrator:

“I’ve always enjoyed working at Colavita because it allowed me to be involved in various things.  Not only working as Office Administrator, but also doing my favorite thing— cooking! I especially loves redoing recipes that were made with butter, and instead, redoing them with extra-virgin olive oil.  We’ve made cakes and pie crusts with our evoo, and they’re delicious.  When I came to the US from Italy I was ten, and my world as I knew it completely changed. A lot of adjustments:  culture, language, school, and new friends.  One thing that did not change was the wonderful meals my mother always made, never scrimping and always using the freshest ingredients. I have been the same way with cooking for my own children and grandchildren.Now I love visiting Rome and go back as often as possible, especially with my brother and sisters.  Two years ago we all went together, and  spent our days going to the  beautiful food markets in the mornings,  then going  out during the day  to visit places and friends, and then finally, coming back and cooking  outrageous meals. That is why I enjoy cooking so much: it’s a wonderful thing to share and brings people together.”


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