After 15 years of continuous sponsorship, Colavita will withdraw from pro cycling

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August 23, 2017
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After 15 years of being a proud sponsor of the Colavita Pro cycling program, Colavita will be withdrawing its involvement in professional cycling at the end of this year. Colavita has been an avid supporter in the cycling scene since 2003, and has sponsored both men’s and women’s professional cycling teams. Team Colavita, one of the longest running women’s programs in the country, has shown a commitment to providing career opportunities for women in cycling over the years and has produced many Olympians and national and world champions including Alison Powers, Tina Pic, Rachel Heal and Kathryn Bertine.

Colavita USA Founder and Team Manager, John Profaci stated that, “It’s sad to say but I think that we’re going to step back from sponsoring the pro women’s program this year, “I’ve only been the only cash on the team for the past 10 years, and it’s a heavy financial burden for a small company.”

Team Colavita Director, Mary Zider told CyclingTips that, “Having the opportunity to ride and then be the director for Colavita has been six very surreal years in my life… the program has produced Olympians, World Champions and a six-time national champion. That speaks volumes about Colavita and the talent of the riders who have worn the jersey.”

The Future

This does not mean Colavita will be leaving the cycling scene altogether. Mary Zider said that, “Colavita won’t leave the sport entirely, which speaks volumes about the company and what they ultimately stand for. It’s a legendary program that will forever be known in the sport and it’s a jersey we all will continue to wear with pride.” Colavita will be refocusing sponsorship money towards the recreational and charitable side of cycling. Profaci also stated that, “We’re going to do something different. I won’t abandon our mission of cycling – I think it’s great for our brand, it’s a healthy activity and everybody should be doing it, and Colavita is about healthy living – but I’m going to find a way to do it in a different way.” He has revealed future plans to turn the team van into a mobile bike shop to offer mechanic services at charity rides and inner-city school programs, bring Zider, and team mechanic Andi Smith in on his new marketing endeavor.

Colavita was and is immensely proud of how far Team Colavita has come. The team not only represents the hard work and determination of all of the team members and crew, but reminds us to stay healthy and enjoy what we love as well as what we eat.

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By Colavita (August 25, 2017)